Arts & Culture

The Art and Culture Interest Group works to provide artistic and cultural activity to the people of Morpeth and the surrounding areas. The group regularly meet to discuss projects, activities and ideas.

The group is currently looking for new members and would like to extend to a more varied age group, specifically youth and thirty something’s. We are looking to provide activities that will appeal to a more varied audience.

If you are interested in art and culture, have an idea relating to this area or you are looking for a new interest please complete the contact form below. We would love to hear from you.

Activities in 2015-16

The Morpeth Community Cinema

The Morpeth Community Cinema continues to be well received with average attendance reaching 65. The 2015/2016 season marks our 5th year and it also marks the first full year using our own cinema equipment. We have been told that our screenings are far superior with this new equipment and it has enhanced the cinema experience.

We currently offer nine screenings per year and could expand the number of offerings if we were able to find permanent storage for our equipment in one of the town venues. We are currently exploring the possibility for securing space in St. James Centre.  Another option is to put our equipment in metal portable carrying cases which will have to be purchased.  BFI informs us that we would be eligible to apply for funding in July 2016 to purchase metal cases. The current system is stored in a metal cabinet which weighs 71 kgs.

See the dedicated website.

Picnic in the Park 2015

The theme for the Picnic in July 2015 was WWI: Northumberland Heroes and highlighted the contributions made to the war effort at the home front and the important contribution made by the women of Great Britain.  We had excellent weather which helped to make this the best picnic ever.  We had some new attractions this year with a new magician/juggler and rope walker called Matt Lunatrick who was a big hit with everyone.  The St. Georges’ Players presented a tableau showing the various roles women assumed that formerly were considered men’s.  Mosaic poppies were produced as the featured art project and 6 poppy mosaics were made  by the families attending.  These were exhibited in the Town Hall Butter Market during  October as part of the Remembrance commemorations. We have been informed that these mosaics can be displayed annually in the Town Hall Butter Market at Remembrance time.

Northumberland Theatre Company

On 24 October 2015, the NTC performed “A Wife or The Gallows” in the St. Georges Hall. This performing group continues to bring professional theatre to towns and rural communities and is always well received in Morpeth. Total attendance was 80 people who all thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The people of Morpeth eagerly anticipate NTC performances each year.

World Book Night

On 23 April 2015 the 4th annual World Book Night was held in the Morpeth Library where we featured the mystery novel “Spring Tide” by Swedish authors Cilia and Rolf Borjlind. We were able to give away 16 copies of the featured book at the end of the evening.  As part of our initiative to show case Northumberland writers we featured 4 authors Caroline Roberts, Janet MacLeod Trotter, Deb Court and Lorna Windham who write novels of romance, Murder and Historical mysteries  that are set in Northumberland.

As a follow up to World Book Night we conducted “An Autumn Evening with Northeast Writers” on 19 November in the Morpeth Chantry. This evening featured 6 North East writers. In addition to the four writers attending the WBN evening we had Pru Phillipson and Hazel Osmond. It was another well attended evening.

Frank Rescigno, Director for Art & Culture

All of GMDT's Interest Groups help to deliver regeneration projects and support other groups operating within the Morpeth area. Our ethos is to work in partnership for the benefit of the community so if you are interested in working with us on a project why not get involved?